Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sauternes Chateau Le Mayne 2005 tasting notes

Château Le Mayne
AOC Sauternes
90% Semillon, + Sauvignon
13% ABV

Golden yellow, with orange-amber hues, crystal clear, beautiful transparency adding to its brilliance. Swirls heavily in the glass, viscous. Even tears quickly form on the outside of the glass.

Intense brandy- scent with a honey and beeswax, citrus and white spring flowers. This glass smells of orange blossoms, and honeysuckle. The brandy and honey sensations are predominant at first scent, but the citrus-flower freshness is what is making me look forward to those first few sips. Here goes.

Honey, honey, honey. It has some weight on the palate and is as smooth as silk. The initial tastes are exactly what awaits me in the glass. Honey, beautifully counterbalanced by a fresh acidity. Though 13% alcohol, the silkiness and sweetness of this wine, soften the heat that you would normally feel from the alcohol.

It is full-bodied, creamy-intense and of medium length on the palate. In my opinion it is a beautifully balanced, still developing wine. The acidity in this wine will offer it a long life in the bottle yet.

This is an elegant, captivating wine to enjoy with desserts, but the label on the back of the bottle also suggests it seals a nice marriage with foies gras. The wine is nice to drink on its own, as I am doing now, so would also make a nice aperitif. I’ve seen this bottle online for $12.00 USD.

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