Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giacomino's Wine

Artiginal wine
Producer: Giacomino
Grapes: Aglianico from Puglia

Deep, dark and almost black except for a shimmer of ruby where it picks up the light. I cannot see through the glass, though I don’t see any deposits. After I swirl, it is a different story…small deposits remain on the side of the glass, instead of the sweet tears that I usually see. The wine has weight as I swirl it

The first and strongest scent is that of leather followed by a vegetal green pepper and wet earth smell. It is difficult to smell the fruit over the intense animal and vegetal scents. This is the daily wine of most Neapolitan tables..made in their own cantinas, by their own hands, with ambient yeast, and fermented in plastic vats and then in demijohns. This is not a complex wine.

This wine is dry, high in acidity, with medium tannin and alcohol levels. It is medium bodied and surprisingly smooth. The flavor characteristics of this wine are unfortunately the spoilers, almost to the point of being undrinkable…there is a taste of fruit that is starting to spoil, and green pepper possibly. It is unfortunately pronounced in its intensity and is of medium length in the mouth.

Though it has good acidity, and may last a while longer in the bottle, I don’t think it will get better.

This wine should be paired with…..7up…and a lot of it.

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