Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hungarian Tokaji - 3 puttonyos

Date: March 21st, 2009
Crown Tokaji Aszú
3 puttonyos
Tokaj Kereskedohaz Zrt.

The wine I’m about to describe is one that I think illustrates harmony and balance in a wine. Two weeks ago at my sommelier course, I learned how Hungarian Tokaji is made. The following Sunday, as luck would have it, I was served this wine for the first time while having Sunday lunch at my friend’s home. I was thrilled to be able to use my fresh knowledge to enlighten my hosts whether they wanted it or not.
The color of this Tokaji in the glass was a brilliant, medium amber with golden yellow hues. The color itself was a beauty to behold. Its consistency was viscous with slow, thick tears. The nose is intense and complex with the first scent being alcohol, followed by peach, caramel and a fresh citrus smell. I did not expect the smell to be so fresh. I was curious as to what this wine would taste like, and I expected sweet because of the addition of 3 “puttonyos” of botrytised grapes.
The taste is sweet, but counterbalanced with an unexpected fresh acidity. Surprisingly it is not a wine that coats the palate with sweetness, but leaves it feeling clean. It is smooth and full-bodied, fairly intense in the mouth and somewhat persistent with the warmth of the alcohol, and the sweet/sour sensations. It was a wine in perfect balance, with a freshness that will allow it to age for some time.
We had this wine with a typical dessert from Sorrento – Le Delizie di Sorrento. The lemon in the dessert was also in perfect harmony with the wine, and the freshness of the wine cleansed the palate from the creaminess of the dessert.
Le Delizie di Sorrento and Crown Tokaji Aszú make a lovely couple.

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