Sunday, March 22, 2009

Asprinio di Aversa DOC, Italy

Date: March 22, 2009
Asprinio d’Aversa DOC
Min. 85% Asprinio grapes
Grotta del Sole

I found this wine difficult to assess. Perhaps some of you can help me with it. The wine is crystal clear in appearance and is a very young-looking greenish–yellow in the glass. I even hesitate to say greenish-yellow as it is more watery in color with greenish yellow hues. The color intensity is definitely pale. It is only barely viscous. It has a fairly intense uncomplex bouquet of fresh fruit such as apple-- almost cidery, and a hint of sweet floral scents. There are no undesirable qualities in the scents so I would award it acceptable as the scent is pleasant with some good nuances letting me know that something is there, but nothing really jumps out at me.
The wine is dry, offering a medium-warm feel from the alcohol content. It is smooth on the palate, but…..high acidity as expected from Asprinio. The name of the grape, Asprinio comes from the word “aspro” in Italian meaning “sour”. I cannot fault the acidity as it is a characteristic of the grape and the wine. This wine respects the tipicity of the grape. The beauty of this wine is that even though it is a very fresh young wine, it is also nice and smooth. Could it have spent some time in oak? I don’t smell any tasting notes that indicate as such. This wine also has a slightly minerally aftertaste that lingers for about 5 seconds causing it to be somewhat persistent in length.
I would rate it a good quality wine for its type. It is light-bodied, young or maybe even “ready” for it’s tipicity. I believe it should be consumed within the year after it has been made. It would be a good wine to combine with the frutti di mare fresh salads that are so often served in the restaurants around Napoli.

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